Types Of Project Managers

explain the various types of project managers

Types Of Project Managers

What are the Different Types of Project Management Methodologies?
Project management is not for people who like improvising. Several sophisticated methods for managing projects have been developed through decades of thought and practice by professional project managers. You can benefit from this accumulated wisdom by surveying methods to find the style that suits your business and project. Once you develop your project management repertoire, you can adapt to any task and manage the team working on a project.
Waterfall Method

Waterfall method is a linear approximation. First, the project manager determines the requirements for this project, and the project design project developer, the project member, builds the project by putting the pieces of the order and the manager then integrating the project into the business for testing and debugging. After the project is completed, management implements the project, and a manager is assigned to defend it.

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Agile Approach

The agile approach does not go far with the idea of ??developing a project in sequence. Instead, the project team presents a fairly complete version of the project for potential implementation. Team members attend “scrum” meetings where they evaluate the latest version of the project and provide suggestions for improvement. The project developer then creates a second version with the suggested changes and presents it. This process can continue through four versions or more until the scrum process meets all requirements. In short, the agile method presents a full-fledged project version that can be tweaked.


Six Sigma

The Six Sigma method works well for projects that you can measure appropriately. The idea is to look for deviations from absolute perfection and address the cause of the deviation. To do this, you define, measure, analyze, refine and control the project. For example, a project to build a software system that detects the use of the non-business Six Sigma approach.

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Absolute perfection will detect the personal use of business computers. You will test and refine the system, so there are 3.4 shortcomings per million opportunities. This is the Six Sigma standard.

Kanban Technique

With Kanban, the project manager uses a whiteboard with sticky notes placed in one of three columns: “queued,” “in process” and “just finished.” The note contains a description of the project task. Teams can easily see what tasks to come, what to do and where to finish. If someone carries a new assignment, the project manager can see where he is on the kanban board and how it affects other tasks. For example, a new task with extreme urgency may result in an ongoing task being postponed to be moved back to the “queue” column.

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